Personalized Stationary

I know I know, it gets a little tedious writing out Thank-you notes after a holiday like Christmas or a Birthday.  But don’t you think writing and sending greeting cards would be more fun if they were personalized to your own specific taste.  Smythson stationary is customizable and looks amazing.  However, the price for it is pretty steep.  Why hand over a bundle when you can just make your own greeting cards?  Unless you are a graphic designer or something similar, you probably don’t have Adobe Suite to make crazy cards with.  Here’s the thing, you don’t really need it.  If you’re good with the paint program that comes on literally every computer/laptop (sorry I have a PC so I don’t know what comes standard on a Mac), you can create one yourself.  If you aren’t quite as skilled at drawing or painting with a mouse on a screen, try drawing or painting something on paper and scanning it to your computer where you can tweek it however you like.  I like to draw something, scan it, and add a fun background.  When you print it, make sure its on a good heavy paper or cardstock to make it stiff and professional looking.  Here is one I made earlier after a meeting.


I put this on a brick wall background and here is what the final product looks like



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