Get Your Tan On


My computer decided to be weird today so I am hoping this image is displaying for all of you.  If you can see it, you can relate to the horror she is feeling at being the reversal of what we know as ‘raccoon eyes’.  The entire area around her eyes is incredibly pale while the rest of her face has a nice tan.  There is one easy way to defeat dreaded tan lines this summer, and just in time too.  It is a rather simple solution that repays you by decreasing wrinkles as time goes by and helping decrease the risk of skin cancer.  No, I’m not really talking about spray tans ladies.  I’m talking about self tanning lotion.  It sounds scary but its really no big deal at all.  The one I like to use/am using currently is the Jergens Daily Moisturizer.


If you are too scared to just jump in and slather it on, then dilute it with a different normal daily lotion to make the results a lot more subtle.  I will say that perfecting the results (as in making sure there aren’t any horrific streaks or uneven coloring) does take a bit of practice and getting used to.  I know a lot of girls who use self tanner but aren’t as careful in certain areas as they should be.  For example, on the parts of your body that tend to be more dry (knees and elbows) use the tanner sparingly after applying a regular moisturizer first to hydrate it so the color isn’t so saturated.  Also, this is just something I personally do, avoid the hands and feet.  The reason many people don’t want to do that is because they are afraid that their hands and feet will be a lot paler than the rest of them.  You shouldn’t have to worry about your hands because they, along with your face, see more sunlight than any other part of your body.  If they do end up looking paler, but the tiniest dot of tanner on the back of your hand (and I mean just a little smidge of it) and blend it in with a normal lotion (dry to avoid the fingers and in between them if you can because the color will end up looking darker and uneven on them).  Doing this virtually eliminates those streaks that you see on many peoples hands who use self tanner.  Same goes for the feet blend a dot on the tops of your feet avoiding the toes.  The rest of your body you shouldn’t really have that much trouble with getting the lotion on evenly.  If you have an event coming up, start using the lotion about a couple days to a week in advance so by the time it rolls around you already have a gorgeous (and safe I might add) glowing tan.


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