School Supply Essentials

So this is a simple list of some of the things I tend to find are the most absolute essentials for me personally when it comes to school supplies.

school supplies

Of course there is a backpack (this one is from Herschel Supply Co.), notebooks (these are Lilly Pulitzer composition notebooks which I find handy for notes because they keep them all there together instead of individual sheets of notes), binders (if you get the ones with clear plastic sleeves on the front and back, put a cute monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer binder cover in it for a bit of personalized flair on an otherwise boring binder), a pencil case (Lilly) with pencils (Lilly), pens (Pilot, I like these for note taking because they write a lot faster and easier than regular ballpoint pens) and highlighters (Lilly, great for highlighting important material when studying for a test or emphasizing key points), an agenda (for me, totally necessary! I cant go without mine. This one is a Lilly Pulitzer agenda), and a travel coffee cup (I added this cute one from Lilly Pulitzer because I tend to take coffee or tea with me to class almost every day).  Some classes require specific materials for them but this is just a general list of the things I find you need in most classes.


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