Confidence is Key


Since yesterday was a list of school supply essentials, I thought it was only fitting for today to be about the number one school (life) essential.  Confidence!  If you are confident it should come off as you being sure in who you are and your capabilities, it wont come off as being boastful/cocky/prideful/etc.  Know who you are and own it.  Don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself because honestly, if people see that you don’t care, they wont care either.  I was with a group of friends the other day and one of them said to another, “I admire the fact that you don’t let what other people say or think about you bother you.  It’s such a great quality of yours”.  She is just confident in who she is as a person.  Whatever it is she is doing, she rocks it!  Improve your self-esteem.  Its not being cocky or full of yourself, it is you viewing yourself in a positive light rather than being unsure and questioning of yourself.  This was a relatively short post and leaving off on that note, here are some cute pictures of others confidence.


How adorable is this kid!


This one I just couldn’t resist, its just so cute.


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