My Last First Day and Surviving Spider Attacks

Ah, so bittersweet!  I officially finished my last first day of high school.  I am sure many others have also had their first day back to school today.  I don’t know if any college students have started yet.  Today (like all other first days) is the day that all teachers go over their class syllabus of expectations, projects, assignments, papers, supplies, booklists, and others.  It seems like you are just sitting through a repeat of the same thing all day, right?

As a senior, in a couple months I am going to have to know which school (if any) I am going to for a higher education.  That is a serious boatload of stress to be dumped on someone with a severe case of senioritis (definition- doing nothing).  So, I am going to sort of document my college picking process over the next couple of months.  Choosing a school can be a little intimidating but don’t worry about it.  I am going through the exact same thing here.

To end on a bit more of a comical note, I thought I was going to die earlier today.  I had come home from school and gone upstairs to my room after getting the mail.  While walking by my mirror, I saw a black dot on my shirt.  I walked a little closer to get a better look at it when I saw it start to move up my shirt and onto my neck while screaming once I realized what it was.  A big black spider!  How did that thing get on me in the first place?!?  I threw my shirt on the floor and continued screaming (still in my tank top).  My brother came rushing into my room several minutes later and started to look around to find the spider while I went to go take a shower in case it was still on me.  After putting on my pajamas and a couple of deep breaths later, I had finally calmed down.  I mean its not every day when you see a huge spider crawling onto your neck towards your face and hair (I was more worried about it getting to my hair than the spider getting onto my face haha).  We actually never found the spider.  It could still be on me right now. . . its not, I just checked!


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