What’s In My School Bag?

So since school either starts soon or has already started, I though I could do a ‘what’s in my school bag’ post.  I don’t think I could do a video anytime soon because I don’t like the way the camera is on my laptop and I don’t know where my flip video camera is (woops!) so all I have is a dinky little digital camera so I am sorry the quality on some (all) of the photos.  Basically, what I did was just take everything out of my school bag and take pictures of it.  I will try my best to remember where I got everything and whatnot.  Enjoy!


I got this bag off of www.karmaloop.com, it is the Volcom work wear bag but I got it like a year ago so I don’t know if they would still have it.


Well this is my Anatomy binder and textbook (I usually get my textbooks off of www.amazon.com)


Five star 3-subject spiral bound notebook, everything/homework folder, and a graph paper composition notebook.  I carry these three to every class and I like the composition book because I use it as a sort of journal where I jot down ideas and sketch things.


Here is my small Lilly Pulitzer agenda and a small cosmetics case that I use for my pencils/pens/highlighters/sharpies/colored pencils


Here is my old coach wristlet that a friend gave me forever ago, a tampon holder, EOS lipbalm egg in honeydew, Revlon Kissable balm stain in honey (I always keep my lip color of the day in my bag and this just so happened to be todays), Trident gum, and Lollia Breathe handcream.

So there is everything that is in my school bag.  I apologize for the low quality of these photos, I should probably set up backdrop with decent lighting when I take photos rather than just using the flash (on my dinky camera- the lighting in my room is terrible but I love it kind of dark because I find it cozier) on my carpet floors.  Maybe one day I will start putting up videos as soon as I find the flip.


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