Sunday Funday

I give it to Essie, they are starting to become my favorite nail polishes ever.  I love the colors and the polish itself.  They always seem to dry and harden really fast which is good for me being as I paint my nails in the evening before bed.  I always hate waking up in the morning to find sheet imprints on my fingers because it just makes the polish look messy.  I used my Essie polish like twenty to thirty minutes before bed and woke up with still perfect nails.  I have to say I am impressed.  Anyways my new current favorite color obsession is from their Naughty Nautical collection, Sunday Funday.  It is this fun bright coral color that has just the oh-so-tiniest hint of shimmer in it.


I mean seriously, how gorgeous does that color look?  I find it is a perfect color for when you have a slight tan going for you because it just complements the tone nicely.  Another thing I love about Essie, it doesn’t chip that easily.  I have had this color on for the past four days and it has barely chipped.  I will touch up my nails and show a swatch in tomorrows post.


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