Organization: Assignments, Tests and Projects at Home

So the title sort of explains what todays post will be about: how to stay organized with your schoolwork while at home.  So I am going to share with you some of my tricks when getting things done and staying on top of things while I am at home.  For starters, at the beginning of every week (or Sunday night) I write up a list with the days of the week on it and what all I have going on that day.


This is my example for this week and what I have going on outside of school. That takes care of everything social and athletic wise so you can focus more on school stuff.

What I do every day when I come home from school or practice is write up a list of all of the assignments I have to accomplish before the end of the day.  As the day progresses and I get them finished, I cross them off.  Something about crossing things off a list just gives me such a feeling of accomplishment, like I am actually getting things done.  This is usually on a post-it or something similar.


This is my task list for today and the things I have already gotten done on it.  The post-it was from a couple of days ago and as you can see, everything on it has been completed.  Yes, yes I know painting nails isn’t exactly considered academic in any way, but my nail polish (Sunday Funday) was starting to chip and I don’t like it when someone goes around with chipped polish.  So I make it a bit of a priority to fix that, even if it is just removing the current color.

Next I will move on to my agenda.  Now this one I carry with me to school and around outside of school because it has both my social and academic calenders in it.  For right now I will just show you my academic.  What I write down on the pages that show the full month is what is going on around school (like say a day when there will be no school due to a national holiday and football games).  I also write down tests, quizzes, projects, and papers and when they all are.  That way I can see it in a relative amount of time between now and when I have to turn them in/take them.


This particular one is for September and doesn’t have any tests or projects written down yet.

The final one is actually something I would do in school to stay organized but I will put here as well.  It is writing down your assignments in class when they are assigned.  This way when you are at you locker trying to decide what all you need to bring home, you can see what all you have to do so you don’t forget anything.  But, when I get home, the first thing I do is crack open my agenda to that day and copy all of my assignments onto my post-it.  I know writing them down may seem tedious, but it helps me want to get them accomplished much quicker if I see it tacked to the middle of my corkboard.  As I put my things into my backpack when finished, I mark the assignments off in my agenda as I put them away so I don’t forget them at home.


This is the page from last week so everything is crossed off already.

I hope you guys try some of the tricks you liked and see which ones work for you.  Please feel free to comment below some tricks of your own because I would love to try some of them.


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