Quick Curls

This is a super simple tutorial on how to curl your hair super quick in the morning.  In the past, I would always be late when I decided I wanted to curl my hair.  It wasn’t until recently that I discovered a way to curl my hair in under ten minutes.  One thing that is key is washing your hair the night before so it will be totally dry the next morning.  If you have curly hair, I suggest blow-drying it after you get out of the shower to relax some of the curls.  Now you are ready to heat up your curling iron.  I use the 1″ barrel curling iron from Revlon or Conair, they tend to curl my hair the best as well as being relatively pocket friendly.

1) Split your hair evenly into two sections and put one on the right, the other on the left.  Make sure they are relatively even.  2) Starting on one side, split that section of hair into three parts as if you were going to braid it but instead take one of those parts and clamp it in the curling iron.  Since my hair is a little bit longer, I start halfway, hold for a few seconds, then slide the barrel and clamp down to the end and hold that for a few more seconds.  That keeps it from getting the awkward little curl at the end of a very long section of hair.  I hold each curl on the curler for about 20-30 seconds.


Now for the slightly trickier part of the process.  3) Take the second part of the ‘braid’ (you should still have one part left as well as the other side of your head) and repeat the process only change the direction of the curl.  So if your first curl is going out from your face, the second should be going toward it.  This way, the curls don’t all clump up together creating one or two big barrel curls.  4) Now take the last curl and curl it like you did the first.  5) Repeat the entire process (sectioning the hair in thirds and alternating the curls) for the other side of your hair.  6) Once your hair has cooled, gently separate the barrel curls with your fingers.  It should look something like this.



Yes, I did take a selfie with my camera (that’s why my most of my arm is cropped out).  But now the curls should all look soft and natural and not clump together throughout the day.  That used to happen to me all the time, I would curl my hair in the morning and by the time I got home, I had two or three big curls where they had all come together.  That is why I change the direction of the curls so they aren’t all going the same way.  Personally, I like to pin back part of my hair, wear it down, or pull it into a pony when it is curled like this.  Here is how I wore my hair today.


I hope this tutorial helped any.  Like I said, this is a super quick way to do curls so you aren’t running twenty minutes behind in the morning.  Perfect for work or school.


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