Spirit Week!

So I have been away for wayyy too long.  I have actually started to miss the blogging world (or better known as blogosphere).  So the tutorial was a bit of a bust, however, this week I refuse to fail you guys.  This weekend is homecoming!  That means all this week is spirit week where everyone dresses up for different themes everyday.  Today just so happened to be monochromatic/duck dynasty day.  How the student council came up with that lovely combination is beside me but I wore a camo button up with jeans nonetheless.

All week long, I will be giving you guys tutorials for hair and makeup looks you can do for the dance along with tips when getting ready.  Believe it or not, this was the week I was most looking forward to when I first started this blog.  Along with all of that, you all will also be getting a little firsthand sneak peek at what my dress looks like and how I will be doing my hair/makeup.

Without further ado, I give you a small photo dump with a few pics from past homecomings.

Le homecoming 2010

My Freshmen homecoming-2010 (I am the one in the middle)

11th grade homecoming

My Junior year (This is what we wore to the dance itself because they were super strict about the dress code)

Le homecoming 2012

Another one of my Junior year. This is what we all wore to dinner.  I personally think this photo encompasses our friendship haha.

I would have included some from my Sophomore year except we didn’t take many (if any) pictures that year and the ones we had didn’t turn out.


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