Sideswept Curls


Alright so here is the first of my homecoming hair ideas.  Sideswept cascading curls is one of the easiest and most elegant of hairstyles.

The Steps:

1) Separate the bottom layer of hair and clip the rest up.  Then take a 1″ barrel curling iron and curl small-medium sections of hair.

2) If you have thick hair, separate the middle layer of hair and pin the top layer up.  Repeat the curling process taking small-medium sections and wrapping them around the barrel.

3) Take the last top layer of hair and curl it the same way.  Lightly mist hair with hairspray.

4) Starting at the bottom of one side of your head, start twisting along the nape of your neck pinning as you go.

5) Place a couple extra bobby pins where the final twist ends to keep everything secure from falling out.

This hairstyle was literally as simple as that.  Despite its simplicity, it has such a classic Hollywood glamour vibe to it don’t you think?  This is how I plan on doing my hair for homecoming this year.


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