Whats in My School Bag: Revision

So for some odd reason I thought it would be wise to do an updated post of this.  I got the idea today when sitting in one of my classes digging through my bag for something and realizing all the crap I had in it.  School has been in session for a month now both for college and high school students.  So this is what I carried around school all day in my bag.  I literally just came home and dumped it all out.  If the picture is blurry, its because I took it with the cracked camera on my phone.  Remind me to put that on my to-do list to get fixed.


Here’s what is inside: my notebook, folder, and composition book, pencil case, pocket-bac hand sanitizer, EOS lipbalm, Lilly planner, Extra and Trident gum, nyx lipstick in perfect, a small mint container with pain relievers inside (shh! its my little secret), Lollia handcream, L’Oreal Paris trumatch powder with a Bareminerals full face brush, Maybelline dream bouncy blush in rose petal, a bag of almonds, and a fork.

The notebooks and pens are self explanatory, everything else is understandable except for the almonds and the fork.  The almonds I keep in case I want a small protein packed snack before or after lunch.  The fork however, is from my lunch the other day when I had a salad but accidentally left the fork in my bag when I ran out the door this morning.  I hope you guys found the fork about as humorous as I did earlier today!


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