Prepping Skin for Fall

I don’t know about you guys but my skin goes crazy when the weather and seasons change.  I break out and my skin gets super dry.  But, using the right products and being proactive about things, you can halt all that nonsense before it happens.


Start off with a good night exfoliation.  I like the St. Ives fresh skin scrub but it can be a little on the abrasive side, especially if you have sensitive skin.  If this would be too harsh for you try something with a smaller grain in a creamier texture.  Exfoliators slough off dead skin cells that can dull your skin.

origins drink up intense

During the night I like to wear a moisturizing mask like Origins Drink Up- Intensive.  I put on a thin layer and go to bed, the next morning I just rinse it off when I wash my face.  It has helped tremendously whenever my skin gets really dry.


I cant even begin to stress how important a daily moisturizer with SPF in it is!  In the fall and winter it is often thought that using sunscreen isn’t as important because you aren’t out in the shining sun all day like in the summertime.  False!  The suns UV rays are still just as harmful.  Example, when it snows the sun reflects off of the snow.  That’s why you can get sunburnt when you go skiing or snowboarding during the winter.  Besides protecting your face from cancer causing UV rays, SPF also helps prevent wrinkles.  Bonus!


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