How To Do Red Lips Right


Lets face it, who doesn’t want to be a flawless as Marilyn?  But the one thing that usually comes to mind when one thinks of her is her iconic red lip.  The three things I hate most about red lipstick are 1) when it bleeds and makes you look delirious 2) it gets all on your teeth 3) after it starts to wear off and leaves behind a red ring on your lips.  There is a way to prevent these travesties from occurring.  Doing it right!

The Steps

1) Start off with a red lip liner, line and fill in your lips.  This prevents the bleeding and filling your lips in with it helps it from fading so fast.

2) Dab on a red lipstick of your choice (preferably one that matches the color of your liner).

3) Take a thin tissue and lay it over your lips.  Then blot the tissue over your lips with a translucent powder.  Remove the tissue (this also helps your lipstick to really stick and keeps it from going anywhere or wearing off).

4) Dab on another layer of the lipstick and voila!  You now have a perfectly painted pout that will last for hours.


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