Road Trips, Fall Break, and College Visits

This past week has been a blur of those three things.  This past weekend some friends, who had graduated from high school the previous year, came into town for their fall break and we were going to see a concert together.  However, we couldn’t get tickets so they came up with the wonderful idea of a spontaneous road trip.  We left half an hour later and drove to the beach.  We came back Sunday night and all had to go back to school on Monday.  Then it was my fall break so I went on a couple college visits to the schools I had been looking at.  One of them I loved (the campus was gorgeous) but I didn’t care much for the vibe from the school and the people.  The second school I saw was also beautiful and the vibe there was amazing.  I felt like I just fit right in with everyone and everything.  Or maybe that was because the weather was so warm and I felt like I was more melting -literally- into everything.  Reminder for next time I go anywhere, check the weather report and dress accordingly.  Don’t wear jeans and a sweater when the weather is 90 degrees outside.

One thing I do want to briefly mention is what I am looking at in schools.  Everyone has different things that they look for when choosing what college to go to.  Mine are particular to me and what I want out of it.  One of the biggest things I look at is the Cost of Attendance (COA).  I want to go out of state and doing so means almost double the tuition costs.  However, there is an academic common market website where you can put what state you live in and what type of major you’re looking at and the site will list schools that have that major where you can get in-state tuition.  This tool is super useful when you want to go out of state.  Once you have your list of universities, and backups just in case, start filling out applications and hopefully the acceptance letters will start rolling in.


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