Henna Hair

I have been having a serious debate with myself and think I have finally come to a decision, with the advice of a few close friends.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to dye my hair or get it all chopped off into a lob (basically a long bob- I probably would have ended up with something closer to Julianne Houghs from Safe Haven).  I ended up with the dye.  The final decision was made because if I were to cut my hair, it would take forever to grow back and I would probably end up regretting it anyways.  However, if I were to dye it I could always dye it back if I didn’t like it.  So goodbye blonde locks and hello brunette!

I’m not exactly the hugest fan of dumping damaging chemicals onto my hair for several hours so I looked into a more natural route.  The solution I found was a henna hair dye.



This one is from Lush and its called Caca Brun.  Basically I take a couple of blocks, grind them up, mix it with hot water, glop it onto my hair, and let it sit for a couple of hours.  I plan on doing this over Thanksgiving so it has a couple of days to grow on me.  My original plan was to do henna for a couple of weeks and then go more permanent with a box dye over Christmas.  However, what the woman working at Lush told me was that henna is a commitment.  Apparently, once you dye your hair with henna, the chemicals in a normal dye wont work because they cant penetrate the cuticle.  These henna dyes don’t go into your cuticle so theyre a lot healthier for your hair if you wish to change the color of it but don’t want the chemicals.  Bonus- they don’t stain your clothing or skin after application!  After using this, the color is supposed to last for about a 1-2 months.  I am super excited to get to try this out soon and cant wait to tell you guys the results!


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