Hair Update

So as of currently I am sitting in my room with a pile of henna hair dye on my head.  I have the strangest feeling I did something to screw it up but we’ll see in a couple of hours.  Tomorrow I will have a picture of how it turned out and what I think of it.  It was a bit of a challenging experience since I am on vacation and didn’t want to mess up any of the towels since I don’t own them.  I will say it wasn’t as messy as people have said.  They always talk about what a huge mess everything is and how much it stains but I would have to disagree.  I applied the dye in the tub with an old towel on the ground next to me.  Sure the stuff got everywhere in the tub and in my sink (where I mixed the dye and did touch ups).  I just rinsed away the splatters and wiped the countertops and floors with a paper towel.  My hair was dripping so bad I had to put it up in the old towel until the dripping stopped.  I then rinsed off all the dye that dripped down my neck and arms.  All in all it took very little time to clean everything up.

I am extremely nervous that I did something wrong and it wont turn out.  If that’s the case I still have some of the brick left over (I only used 4 of the 6 blocks).  If I end up liking the color, I will probably continue to use lush henna, I will take it to the store and have them apply it for me (something they will do if you just take it into them).  Anyways I have two hours left to let this sit in my hair before I get to rinse it out.  Fingers crossed it turns out!


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