How the Henna Held Up

So I said that I would be posting pictures of my hair color that resulted from the henna I did last week.  Well its been almost a week exactly and let me just tell you that I didn’t see any difference.  I will admit that I didn’t leave it on as long as most do.  Testing a product out like that for the first time I was a little cautious about leaving something in my hair for multiple hours without having any clue as to what the final result would be.  Besides that I just wanted to test it out.  The next day or two, my hair had a really pretty sort of light ashy brown color.  However, that color faded just a little bit but my hair is still slightly darker than it was before.  I did enjoy the experience because I do think henna is a wonderful alternative to the chemicals found in most dyes.  However, since it was a dramatic hair color change (honey blonde to brunette) I think it would have taken one or two more applications to get it to the color that I wanted.  That’s another bonus about henna, its buildable so you can do however many applications you want with no damage done to your hair.  After Christmas I plan on doing it again and this time leaving it on for a whole lot longer.


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