This Is It: Finals Week


Alright so now is the time we all know and love.  No, I’m not talking about Christmas or New Years, I’m talking about finals week. This is the week everyone crams all they have learned all semester into a lovely (and quite lengthy) exam.  Its something like this:


So study your notes and any other material your teacher/professor has given you from the past several months, get your sleep, eat well, and take the occasional small break to help refresh your brain (and your eyes from staring at a book for so long).  Now its time to buckle down and study hard to ace those exams.  Good luck!


And just for kicks, I’m throwing in a couple of other memes the made me giggle.

aintnobodygottimeforfinals sleepmeme my-brain-during-finals-week

Here’s a little encouragement from one Mr. Ryan Gosling (because every girl needs it!)



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