Lessons From Lucy van Pelt

There were always two things my great grandmother did before she went to bed every night.  The first was to eat an apple, the second was to lather her skin up with moisturizer.  While battling with dry skin a couple winters ago, I went to the drug store in desperation to find something to help.  I then remembered the one my great grandmother always used to get her beautiful skin.  So I quickly purchased it and went home with high hopes.


She had been using this stuff for years and although it doesn’t have any sort of anti-aging properties, it did help her skin to always look smooth and flawless.  I tried using it as a daily moisturizer underneath my makeup but it was way too thick and didn’t have any SPF in it.  So this winter I decided to try using it at night like she did. My skin has never looked softer or smoother, especially during winter.  On top of that, I’m not dealing with the terrible dry skin woes from the past because of this wonderful cream.  Bonus- its gentle on sensitive and acne prone skin as well.


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