Get Fueled Up For Your Day

Typically, my breakfast would involve either a bagel loaded with cream cheese or a bag of cheerios as I am running out the door.  Both are delicious and easy breakfasts to make, especially in a bit of a time crunch.  But by lunch, my stomach was always grumbly and neither really kept me energized throughout my morning.  My solution to feel full and energized is oatmeal.  Oatmeal is relatively bland and lumpy (I keep thinking of the scene in the Eloise movies where she makes a disgusted face while eating her oatmeal).  But, I have recently found ways to mix things up and supercharge it for a delicious and energizing breakfast.

There are two ways I like to prepare it.  The first is with little apple (preferably green) pieces, dried cherries/cranberries, chopped walnuts, and a bit of brown sugar.  The tart cherries and apples mixed with the sweetness from the nuts and sugar is an amazing combination.  The second is with almond butter, ground flax seed, and honey.  The second way sounds weird, but its probably my favorite way to make it.  It takes a lot less time than the first because you aren’t cutting up fruit or chopping nuts.  All you do is just put a spoonful of each in and mix it up.  The almond butter gives it a creamy nutty taste, the flax is just there for bonus health benefits (omega-3s), and the honey provides the perfect amount of sweetness.  When I eat this for breakfast, I stay full all day and have so much more energy to help get me through those classes.

There are numerous ways to spice up your breakfast and keep them healthy.  Experiment around with some of your favorite fruits and/or nuts and find a couple of combinations that you love to supercharge your morning.



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