Pearls or Diamonds?

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There is a very famous statement that diamonds are a girls best friend.  Personally, I think it is concealer.  But I will admit that diamonds are a very close second.  Could pearls also be a contender?  I think a good piece of classic jewelry is the perfect finish for any outfit.  For me, typically that means a solid earring.  The hardest question I ask myself in the morning is: pearls or diamonds?  Both of mine are fake studs that I got at Claire’s.  I tend to lean towards Claire’s because I can get multiple pairs of earrings for very little and they have a sensitive ears line so I know they won’t irritate my ears.  But if you want a bit of a higher quality (or the real thing) you can get a good pair at a department store

Depending on what I am wearing helps me make a decision on which to wear.  You don’t necessarily need a big necklace, ring, bracelet, and pair of earrings every single day to complete your outfit.  A nice simple pair of realistic sized stud earrings is plenty to polish off your look.  For example, if I were to wear a white button down, a nice pair of jeans, and some wedged booties, a pair of diamond studs helps make the outfit look complete while simultaneously keeping it casual.  While if I were to wear a striped tshirt, a pair of jeans, simple ballet flats, and my hair in a low ponytail, pearls are more likely.  It helps class us the simple everyday outfit so it didn’t look like I got dressed while running out the door.  A nice rule of thumb I keep for myself is if the outfit is a little bit nicer, go with the diamond studs, and if its slightly more casual, pearls.

So instead of buying a pair of super cute earrings in every different metallic finish and color in the world, consider investing (or if you’re me and lose earrings often, stocking up on inexpensive) in a good pair of diamond and pearl studs for everyday wear.  Then, you don’t have to go around spending money on earrings just to have a different pair to go with every outfit in your wardrobe.


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