It’s Potent Review

So in an earlier post I asked about eye creams to test out that work best for under eye circles.  One of the problems I have faced in the past with eye creams is the burning I get under my eyes after applying because the area there is so thin and sensative.  There was a suggestion about a product from Benefit Cosmetics B. Right skincare line.  I had heard about this line before and read a few first impressions reviews on it.  After the suggestion, I read reviews solely on the It’s Potent eye cream.  Of course everyone’s skin is different and had a different reaction to it but I decided to give it a go anyways.  So two weeks ago I went out to the nearest Ulta store and bought the product for myself at only $34 for .5 oz I would say the cost is a lot better than many other eye creams out there that are the same size but cost almost double or triple.  And I would happily pay that amount again for the results that I got.


First off- how cute is that packaging! It has such a fun retro feel to both the box and the jar itself.


I have been using this morning and night after the rest of my skincare routine.  The results I got was such a huge improvement on what the area underneath my eyes looked like before.  Now, the area underneath my eyes looks (without concealer) like what it used to a couple of weeks ago with concealer on.  I now dont feel the need to layer on the concealer under my eyes because there are no more dark circles there that need to be covered up.  I still use concealer there as a bit of a highlighter to help with my contouring but if I am in a rush I dont feel the need to have to cover up there.  Its very gentle and moisturizing around that area as well.  I would like to do some more reviews at some point on the other products in this skincare line because I am liking this one so much.  I have read they all tend to be gentle on skin which is really nice for someone with sensitive skin like mine.  If you too are in the market for a new eye gentle eye cream, I definitely suggest checking this one out!


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