Second Day Hair, No Care

Eep, you’ve over slept and now dont have enough time to take a shower and continue with your usual hair care routine.  What now?  Instead of panicking and running through your neighbors sprinklers on your way to work or school, there is an easier (and cuter less messy) solution.  Dry shampoo.  This is any girls (or guys) quick fix for greasy hair thats fallen flat.


I like using Dove’s dry shampoo because it works really well at getting rid of the oil and smells amazing.  However I have also heard that Batiste and Psst are two other amazing dry shampoos, I just havent been able to try them out myself yet.  One thing thats important, making sure its all well blended into your hair so it doesnt look like youre roots are grey.  If youre in a pinch and dont have any dry shampoo, baby powder works just as well.  Just spray the dry shampoo or baby powder on your roots or in the areas that look greasy and wait a few mintues before combing it in.  Now that your hair looks clean and is full of volume again, its time for a quick style.  Two of my favorite go-to options for this are a simple messy top knot and curly ponytail.


To get a cute top knot, just gather all of your hair on top of your head and put a hair-tie on it.  Its really that simple.  Dont we all miss the days of Miley’s gorgeous flowing brunette locks before its was bleached and chopped.  However, I give her serious credit for the gutsy hair move.  Now for the ponytail, I like to play it up a bit more and quickly curl my hair before pulling it up.  People always compliment on how cute it looks even though you barely spent a full 10 minutes to create it.



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