Beauty Supplements: Omega-3’s

There are countless supplements and vitamins on the market ranging from some weird berry extract to something as simple as a daily Flinstone’s gummy.  There are several different types of supplements that not only provide health benefits, but also beauty benefits.  One of them is an omega-3.  Its a type of fatty acid that helps out your heart with things like lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  So you may take it for that reason.  Or, you may take it for all of the beauty benefits (much like myself).


Fish oil is the more common version of an omega-3 supplement.  Personally, I dont care much for fish so I tend to go for a flax seed oil instead.  The one I have currently is Naturemade’s flax seed oil.  But what these wonderful little fatty acids do for your hair, skin, and nails is phenomenal.  For your hair, help strengthen it and add shine and help lessen fall out.  For you skin it helps add a youthful glow and clear skin up.  This has especially helped me in the past with acne.  And for your nails it helps to strengthen them to prevent splitting and breaking.  If one little supplement helps do all that, of course I am going to add it into my beauty routine everyday.



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