I actually dont even know if I spelled that right but its been over a month since I’ve posted anything.  No excuses I know, I know but needless to say life has been so extremely hectic with applying for scholarships, planning a mission trip to Haiti for spring break (it was an incredible experience), and getting everything ready for prom.  Now my school is having prom on the 12th of April this year because there were some scheduling issues with the later date they had previously on the calendar.  Translation= prom is this weekend.  I could find no better way to kickstart my return to posting than with a week of prom prep!  So the next couple of posts will be about hair, makeup, and dresses!  Ah, Im so excited (sorry for being such a little dork about all of this)!

A really popular hairstyle for prom is a curly updo.  There is such an easy way to fake-out this style yourself and having it only take a couple of minutes to do.


We all know T Swift is the queen of low curly updos.  But the simplest way to recreate it is by sectioning off the top layers of your hair and pulling the bottom layers into a bun.  Then curl the top layers you sectioned off with whatever size barrel curling iron you prefer (I like roughly a 1-1.5″).  Loosly pin those curly pieces back and over the bun you made messing with the positioning until you get it the way you like.  Leave a couple face framing curls down.  And voila!  You have an easy and elegant hairstyle for any formal event that didnt even take 10 minutes to create.


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