All About the Dress


Everyone searches months in advance for that perfect prom dress.  Some girls go to pageant shops where the dresses get up to several hundreds of dollars to buy their dress.  Personally I like to stick to about $80 for mine.  My dress last year was 80 and mine from this year is 84.  But then may I remind you, I’m kinda a bargain girl to begin with so I love when I can get something amazing for as little as I can.

I am going to give you guys a little suggestion for whenever you go looking for a nice evening gown or prom dress or even future bridesmaids dresses- Etsy.  Its incredibly risky, I know.  But you can get some really amazing quality gowns (and much more for that matter) for very little.  I just bought my dress from a vendor (simpledress, and no I am not getting anything out of mentioning who I bought my dress from) and she did incredible work.  The interior lining is flawless, it fits, and its the color I wanted (maroon).  All of her dresses are around the same price range, which is fantastic because she has several different types and styles to choose from.  The dress was made and shipped in about three weeks.  Fair warning though, if you buy off of a site like Etsy be sure to read comments other people have made about the vendor.  It will give you a good idea as to how the quality will turn out and if its even worth it.  So if you’re looking for a gorgeous dress for a steal, check out sites like Etsy and search them well.  Chances are you’ll find something that speaks to you and you’ll get it for an amazing price.  (and you know what saving money on the dress means, more for that perfect pair of heels you’ve been eyeing!)


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