The Day Of and the Night Before

Okay so today is prom! Ah, I am so excited for it!  There was a lot of personal drama leading up to it (I’m talking about breaking up with my boyfriend two days beforehand drama) but everything worked out anyways because I have a new date and he’s a cutie.  My dress was altered slightly because it was too long when I first ordered it.  And I am with some of my closest friends primping and prepping for this event making it like one big party all weekend.  Yesterday we spent the day running around getting the last few things we needed for today.

The Day Before: Spa Day!  We went to Lush and got the BB Seaweed fresh face mask and Tea Tree toner tabs.  Oh my goodness our skin is glowing!  We boiled some water and sat steaming our faces with the toner tabs then immediately put on the face mask.  After we rinsed off the mask we took some of the water from the steam and used it as an actual toner.  The redness and hyperpigmentation and pimples we had all went down considerably, out skin was glowing and a smooth as a baby’s butt.

The Day Of: Brunch and Getting Ready!  This morning we went out to brunch at a local café.  Then we came back to my house and started showering and getting ready (after spending like two hours on pinterest finding hair and makeup looks that we wanted to recreate- or wanted me to recreate).  I have posts from the fall and earlier this week about different makeup and hairstyles to look at and try that are super simple and gorgeous.  Hope everyone has fun at their prom or formals coming up!  Share pictures!


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