Prom Photo Dump!

And here it is, the Monday after prom photo dump.  I went with two of my closest friends and our incredibly cute dates!  I would have loved to post some from our Sadie Hawkins dance but sadly was unable to 😦IMG_4872This one is probably one of my favorites! The guys are making weird faces while we are pulling a classic duck face because we are just that awesome (or weird, take your pick).

IMG_4836 IMG_4806

Yes I did wear my hair in a ponytail for prom (it was up off my neck and I didn’t have to worry about it falling down all night or sticking to my back if I got all sweaty).

IMG_4864 IMG_4871

How fun is the one with the ties?  It was something we found on pinterest but when we went to try to take the picture none of us knew what we were really going for so it turned out like this.  And the last one is a good picture of us all.

If you want to know where we ended up going to dinner before the dance, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings in our dresses with our dates and ate chicken.  Stayin’ classy (I seriously looove chicken)!


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