Summer Jobs and Internships


I’ve talked before about the importance of getting your name out there and being confident and determined when going out there and getting what you want.  For most people in high school and college, that’s a job.  Typically students work retail, lifeguard or in the food industry.  Nothing wrong with that, I used to work at Sonic Drive-In and it was one of the biggest learning experiences for me.  But for many of you wanting to establish careers and start gaining experience working in the field you are studying or hope to someday get an actual job in, try finding an internship.  Most of you know I want to go into graphic design and possibly advertising so I spent weeks online searching for jobs and internships at those types of companies.  Finally I found one that seemed absolutely perfect and applied.  To my misbelief I actually got it and have never been so excited!  I actually started a couple of weeks ago and love it there.

So start searching and apply.  Apply a lot.  I applied to so many retail and different types of jobs like that but never got hired.  Finally I got this internship that I adore (mainly because I get to dress up in cute skirts and heels everyday) but unfortunately it doesn’t pay.  I am perfectly content with it thought because I know that although I wont get much if anything now, the experience will help me further along the road. So no matter what the results of anything end up being, keep a positive mind set and attitude towards it.  And always work hard, do your best and it will show.  Along the way, you’ll gain valuable experience that will help you in the long run.


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