Now for those of you (like me) who are seniors in high school, your time is almost done.  After exams, if you have any, you are officially done with high school.  My school lets senior be exempt from exams if they have an A in the class second semester.  But don’t let senioritis take over completely.  There are only a few weeks left and you don’t want to get lazy.  Remember, colleges look at your grades even after you are accepted and they usually require an official transcript after graduation.  So keep on top of it no matter how annoying it is or how tired you are.

One more important thing to keep in mind is deadlines. Many schools have different deadlines for enrollment, Academic Common Market, Housing, Summer Orientations, ect.  If you have your school picked out make sure you don’t miss any of their deadlines.  I am going to a school out of state but qualify for in-state tuition because of my major.  However, as I found out recently, I still need to fill out an Academic Common Market application to actually receive that tuition.  I went onto the website and almost fainted when I saw the deadline was March 31st and that day was April 4th or 6th.  Turns out I was on the wrong degree level application website (mega sigh of relief) and still had several weeks before the deadline at my school.  I don’t want another episode of supposedly missed deadlines or actually missed deadlines so I wrote them all down.  Make sure you know your schools deadlines so you aren’t unable to go.  I hope all of you headed off to college in the fall are as excited as I am to start this whole new chapter of your life. But until then buckle down hard and make those last grades!


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