Cake Pops!!!


Okay so I spent all of Monday baking and creating cake pops for my entire graduating class of 2014.  Needless to say it was exhausting because it took like 10+ hours to do.  In the end though they were super cute and everybody loved them.  Today I thought I would share my super simple recipe for how to make them.

First thing I did was design a cute little baggie topper for each one.  They looked like this:

Graduation Baggie Topper

Then I made the cake pops themselves.  I started off baking regular box cakes (I have a graduating class of 103 so I figured I would need to bake 5 cakes. No, I just ended up needing 4 of the 5 and made about 150ish).  Once cooled, I crumbled the cakes and mixed them with roughly 2 1/2 tubs of regular frosting or until I could roll them into balls withough the mixture sticking to my hands or crumbling apart.  Once finished with that I stuck them in the fridge for about 3 hours.

Now the fun part, icing them.  Melt a package of vanilla candy coating in the microwave or melt in a bowl over boiling water.  I took paper straws in a black and white chevron print and dipped them into the coating before putting them into the cake balls.  It helps adhere them so the cake part doesnt fall off as easily.  Then I rolled the pops in the coating and set them on a sheet of wax paper to cool.  If you want to add sprinkles, be sure to do it quickly before the coating hardens so they have a better chance of sticking.  For decoration, I tied little blue bows on each stick before bagging them up in clear cellophane treat bags and stapling on the baggie toppers I had made.

I forgot to take pictures of the end results but everyone loved them and they tasted delicious.  People were begging for more throughout the day.  It was just a fun sweet little thing I wanted to do for my fellow seniors but really you can make cake pops for virtually anything (bridal/baby showers, parties, gifts for friends, etc.) and theyll always be a hit!


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