Me Day


Every now and then we all need to take a me day.  Sometimes you are just in a funk and stressed out with no way to escape it.  Well, earlier this week I was definitely feeling a funk and needed to snap out of it immediately.  Thank goodness for a good friend!  Instead of spending the day worried sick about the two tests, the debate, the presentation, the video that needed to be finished being put together, all of the applications that needed to be turned in, a paper to write, an essay, and an outline all the next day.  Yes, I was stressed.  But over the weekend I had actually gotten a majority of those things finished so there was a little breathing room.  Instead of working and studying for everything that night, I went shopping.  It’s a horrible habit I don’t suggest getting into (especially if youre like me and practically broke) but a little retail therapy was exactly what I needed.  I bought a pair of heels (I justified those because I needed a pair of nude heels to help try to complete my wardrobe) and a couple body scrubs (I had a gift card).  I then went home and ran a couple miles before taking an extremely long shower and watching movies.  By the end of the evening I was feeling refreshed and renewed.  The next day I went about unworried and everything went about smoothly, I just needed to relax.

Sometimes we get so wound up in what we need to do and what we have going on that we sometimes forget to just breathe.  If you don’t breathe, you will explode eventually.  Breath kind of sustains life.  I don’t suggest taking me-days every week, several times a week, or even multiple times a month (because if you take them often, they may start to lose their magic or its just an excuse to do whatever and avoid work).  Take them when they are truly needed because then they will have the biggest impact.  We get so caught up in a fast paced world- the latest tweet, technology, climbing ladders at work, making those grades, last nights episode of Modern Family- that we forget to slow down and smell the roses.  So if you feel like youre about to combust, step back and take a deep breath before resuming.


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