Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is tomorrow!  Now in case you tend to procrastinate and need a last minute gift idea, I have a few here for you.


Jo Malone has such deliciously scented candles and perfumes.  So of course a set would be perfect for the woman in your life that raised you.  In general, candles and perfumes and lotion/body butters/hand creams make wonderful gifts for moms.


Now if your mother is anything like mine she loves to accessorize.  I never see her walk out the door without a cute sweater and matching earrings (unless shes dropping kids off first thing in the morning).  So a cute pair of earrings are nice. Especially if you know she has a sweater or dress that would go with them just perfectly that she doesn’t already have anything to go with.

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Another things about my mom, she has a serious sweet tooth.  She loves her sweets but know moderation well so a little savory taste and keep the rest for later.  One of her favorite candy bars is the Hersheys Symphony bars with toffee.  Another idea for your mom, bake her something.  They love when you take the time to make them something.  So why not bake up some of her favorite cupcakes and decorate them with cute, bright flowers like the ones above?

Happy Mother’s Day!


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