Final Exam Study Tips


Now for many of you finals are coming up.  At my school, the seniors don’t have to take any finals as long as they have A’s in all their classes.  Unfortunately, this means I have to take my econ final :(.  But that is okay because I have the material and am ready to buckle down and get this final done and aced so I can carry on with my summer fun as planned.

A really helpful hint I have relied heavily on for the past several years is an age-old one.  Notecards.  I write down definitions, questions, facts, listings, etc. and study them all until I have it down pat.  As I go through my notecards, I put the ones I didn’t know or got wrong in a stack of their own and the ones I got right in a different stack.  Then I go through the ones I don’t know.  As I get a card right from that stack, I put it in the stack that I got right.  That way you know that you are focusing on the material that you are struggling with by reviewing it until you get it right.  Just repeat the process until you get all of the cards right.  Then go through the whole original stack of cards one more time.  You should know them all by now and be flying through them.  By the time you take the test, you have all of the information down solid and not a thing to worry about.

Like I said, one of the oldest studying tricks in the book but (for me at least) the most effective as well.  Good Luck Everyone!  Hope you all ace your finals these next coming weeks!


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