Graduation: Makeup!

My last post was for a grad party, this post is for the graduation ceremony itself.  My school still has baccalaureate so I am going to share with you all the look I wore yesterday for that.  All I used was two colors from my Naked palette (how much more simpler can you get 😉 )


The Steps

1- Start off by priming your lids with a good long lasting primer (for all the parties and events going on, you don’t want your makeup to smudge or crease one bit)

2- Toasted (4 in from the left) all over your lid. This is actually one of my favorite colors on the palette as is sin, I use them in almost every look I do.

3- Darkhorse (the dark brown) blended in the outer corners and a little into the crease as well.  This really darkens up the look to make it a gorgeous brown smokey eye.

4- Creep (the black color two in from the right) is optional.  Put the tiniest tiniest bit in the outer corners near your top lash line and blend it out.  It adds a bit more drama to the look itself and darkens it up.

5- Line your top lashes with black liquid liner and your bottom lashes with a bit of darkhorse

6- Two coats of mascara on the top lashes, one on the bottom

7- Finish off the look with a gorgeous neutral pink lipstick color to evenly balance everything out.

Have fun at graduation!


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