Summer Prep for School

By now, a majority of students are out of school (at least where I live) or are in their last week of it.  But if there is one bit of advice I can give regarding getting ready for school (mainly back to school shopping) its get a heard start early.  By early I mean immediately after school lets out.  I don’t know about most schools but I do know my high school and a majority of colleges don’t send out school supply lists every year.  Instead you have to think like an adults and figure out what you need for yourself (long gone are the lists with 2 glue sticks, constructions paper, purell, and a box of crayons) we have to figure out whether or not we’re willing to shell out the $200 for the Ti-A27Nspire calculator (what-?) that can perform this function and that logarithm.

school supplies

Now true classes in high schools and colleges do give you a detailed (or sometimes not so detailed) list of what you will need for that term.  However, it would be highly beneficial to you if you did a majority of the ground work yourself to figure out what you’ll need.  Binders, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, folders. . . the basics.

Why so early?  The answer is simple, because that is when it will be freshest.  Let me explain.  Throughout the year, you always need this and that, wish you didn’t have that or wish you did have this because it would have made things so much easier.  At the end of the school year, all of that is still relatively fresh in your memory.  If you go trying to figure out what you need after a summer of surf and sun, how are you going to remember anything?  You could easily forget that you preferred taking notes in a composition notebook for you science class instead of separate sheets of paper, or that you found out gel pens were better than ball-point pens for writing on legal pads in you comp literacy class.  But that’s not all I am referring to.  If you know what classes or professors youre going to have, try to find a friend who had that same class/professor and see if they still have their syllabus.  That way you can go ahead and get what you’ll need before the first day of class.  Pretty nifty when you’re ahead of the game.  I know, I’m a dork for getting excited about that stuff 😛


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