Current Obsession: Lemony Lips

One thing I’ve loved over the past several years is lemon scented lip balms.  Its a blast of summertime fun for your lips that moisturizes and tastes good (for that man-hunk of a summer fling of yours 😉 ).  Here are some I have found that I have liked throughout the years.


For those of you that know me, you know I have an unhealthy love and obsession of Jack Black lip balms.  Each tube is $8 from Sephora or Ulta.  Although I normally prefer the original mint flavor, I also love the lemon.  It smells kind of like fruity pebbles.


Although I am not typically a lover of eos lip balms (if keep it for a year after opening it, it will start to mold) for that reason, they do tend to moisturize my lips quite well.  Again I love these in the mint and the lemon flavor.  They’re both so yummy!


This one just so happens to be raspberry lemonade flavor but it is to die for.  I smelled something really good one day my freshman year of high school and wondered what it was.  Turns out, my friend sitting behind me had just applied this beauty.  So of course I immediately went out and got one for myself.  Plus it contains SPF so your smackers wont get sunburned during the hot summer months.


This is CO Bigelow’s lemon lip balm.  I got this a couple weeks ago from Bath & Body Works and have been using it almost every day since.  It has a deliciously lemony scent and flavor to it and keeps my lips well moisturized.


I haven’t tried this one for myself due to the price tag but it is one I have always wanted to try.  Fresh sugar lip treatment gets rave reviews all over the internet for how amazing it makes your lips.  From what I’ve read, it has a lemon scent to it which just makes me want to try it even more.


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