Greasy Hair Blues

My hair gets oily, fast.  Let’s just say if I shower in the morning, by the evening my hair doesn’t look quite so fresh.  That’s why I love dry shampoos.  However, I am extremely picky about which ones I use and how I use them.  But here is a little trick I learned about one of the best ways to apply dry shampoo.

Dove-Dry-Shampoo 21XpfYXzTlL baby-powder

Your weapon of choice (these are some of my top three favorite dry shampoos).  Dove smells amazing!!! and always works perfectly whenever I need it adding lots of volume and eliminating grease.  Suave is one a friends introduced me to, it smells like yummy tangerines and gets the job done alright.  Baby powder is found in virtually every home, smells clean and fresh, does more than just eliminate oily hair.

Now there are two ways to use it.  The first being the traditional way of spraying it in your second (or third or fourth or fifth) day old hair, waiting a couple minutes, then blending it all in.  The second being to spray it on your hair the night before and sleeping on it.  I tried this and it has worked every. single. time.  Without fail.  It uses the time youre sleeping to soak up all the oils from the day before and start preventing lots more oil from showing.  Instead of having a total oil slick when I got home from work, my two day old hair still looked fresh and bouncy and clean.  It still smelled good too.  So if you know your going to have a late start the next morning or are just too lazy to take a shower (like moi) then go ahead and apply some the night before so you can wake up with beautiful tresses.


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