Choose To Be Happy

dancing woman sunset sunshine happiness prezent moment now

Every morning while I was eating breakfast, my dad would always come into the kitchen and tell me to make that day a good one.  But early on he taught me that happiness and joy is a choice.  When I am having a bad day it is typically because I am letting things get to me.  Most people would say that happiness is merely circumstantial, and maybe a part of it is.  But why not put in your best effort to make every day a happy one?  Don’t go around faking it, just find ways to appreciate the small things instead of choosing to focus on the bad.  Last week I was driving to work and in a not-so-good mood.  Then suddenly the song Happy by Pharell came on the radio.  Normally I would change the channel or plug up my ipod but this time I didn’t.  Instead I found myself singing and clapping along to the song.  Then another upbeat song came on the radio and I got into it as well.  Then I stopped by McDonald’s and got a vanilla iced coffee for a dollar.  Uh, hello?  Yummy iced coffee, any size, only a dollar.  That’s good enough to put anybody in a fabulous mood.  The rest of the day went by just as amazing.  Instead of silently complaining to myself about all the work I had to do or how long it would take me, I just enjoyed my iced coffee, listened to my music, and got right to work.  It wasn’t unlike any other day, but it was good.  Why?  Because I chose to be happy that day and enjoy what I was doing.  Try it sometime.  Take a seemingly boring, average day, and make it a great one.


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