Lush Lips

Everyone wants those full Angelina Jolie (major girl crushing here) lips without the needle.  But how exactly do we get those big lush beauties?

The answer is a series of simple everyday little steps to your makeup routine to instantly make your lips luscious.  The first is by having smooth, exfoliated lips.  That means wearing lip balms to moisturize and protect against chapped and flakey lips (lipstick sticks to the flakes and in the grooves of your lips making them look a little zombie like).  Just use a lip scrub and balm (LUSH cosmetics has a couple wonderful little lip scrubs you can try, or in a pinch, just use a dry toothbrush and a bit chapstick and gently scrub).

Now time for actual makeup application.  One thing I do everyday is lightly line my lips with a neutral or soft brown pencil.  I then slightly smudge the liner so it looks softer and more natural.  Then I take a natural nude pink lip color and put that all over with a hint of lip balm.  It makes (and keeps) my lips moist with a subtle hint of color and definition.  Perfect for go-to everyday wear.

If I want to add a little more definition then I might take a light shimmery powder and apply it right above my cupids bow (the dip in your upper lip right under your nose) and a bit in the middle of my bottom lip.  I then follow up with a slightly shimmery gloss in the middle of my bottom lip.  The powder and gloss catch the light giving your lips a slightly fuller appearance (especially when added with the liner mentioned above).

Fair warning though, try to stay relatively inside the lines of your lips.  Otherwise you could end up looking like the twin of Miranda Sings.


Her videos are hilarious but here is what the real girl behind Miranda (Colleen Ballinger) looks like:



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