Stay Hydrated


This is something we tend to hear a lot.  Especially during the summertime.  Water does so much more than just keep you from being thirsty.  A majority of your body is made up of water, so of course it is important in that regard.  But it also has all of the beauty benefits you hear about.  It tends to flush out the skin and your innards as a sort of natural detoxifier.

During the heat of the season, we sometimes don’t even notice that we’re losing water through sweat.  Even if you don’t even feel like you are actually sweating, you’re still losing water.  But replenishing your water supply isn’t always easy.  Not everyone has a big enough bladder to hold the “required” 6-8 cups a day.  Not only that but sometimes water can be a little bland making it boring to constantly be drinking.  One way to help yourself drink more water is by adding a bit of flavor to it.  I like the Crystal Light To-go drink mixes.  Not only do they instantly turn my boring water bottle into a fun low-cal fruity explosion, but turns it into something I actually want to constantly be drinking (at least while there is some in my bottle).


These are the little liquid squirt bottles you can get.  But there are also the powder packets (which I keep in my desk at work).  My personal favorite at the current moment is the peach flavor.  It tastes like iced sweet peach tea and goes perfectly with my Lilly tumbler!


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