June Favorites 2014

June just flew by!  So you know what that means. . . a favorites post!  Over the past month I’ve been keeping a list of things that I have been becoming obsessed with.  So here it is for all of you

blueberry-smoothie-ck-1918522-l cart-curecollection-lg-300x300 51E1R8XAaGL__SY300_ chi-straightener photo MV5BNzMyMDM3MTY1M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjQxNDIzMTE@__V1_SY1000_CR25,0,630,1000_AL_ LegallyBlondeTheMusical jkhjhioojik Dove-go-fresh-Restore-Body-Wash-with-Blue-Fig--Orange-Blossom-Scent-187288“Shake It” – Metro Station

I know this list is totally random, and that half of the things on here aren’t even beauty related.  The first is fruit smoothies. They are absolutely perfect for those long, hot summer days and a great way to get a lot of the fruits and nutrients your body needs on a daily basis.  Hair ties- these are amazing for when your busy doing something and want your hair out of your face without the kinks after.  Crystal Light Energy- I already mentioned these in an earlier post but its a fun fruity blast that helps me remember to drink more water.  Chi Straightener- there are many different types of straighteners out there (like these super cute print ones!) but I just have the plain black Chi.  I use this on my naturally awkwardly wavy hair and it tames that wild mane.  Sarah Belle- lately I have been watching videos on YouTube by other college-aged beauty v/bloggers and loving her videos.  She’s cute and looooves her some monogram and Lilly (as we all should 😉 )!  Zoey 101- need I say anymore, I have always loved this show.  Despite the rumors, they had already finished filming the last episode before the news about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy so the it wasn’t the reason for the shows cancellation.  Legally Blonde the Musical- this is one of my favorite movies so of course I died when I found out there was a musical version.  It aired on MTV so you can still find it on YouTube if you want to check it out.  Money Organizer- I found this little guy on Modcloth.  Its been helping me keep track of my spending and create a good budget for myself.  Definitely something that will come in handy while in college.  Dove Go Fresh bodywash in Blue Fig and Orange Blossom- smells like a tropical paradise in your shower and leaves your skin feeling luxurious.  I pair it with the deodorant in the same scent.  Shake It by Metro Station- my ultimate summer anthem.  I love blasting this song in the car and singing along whenever I’m going somewhere or getting ready.  Perfect for pumping up that summer playlist of yours!



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