College Talk: Packing Lists

Although it is only mid July, there is one month until most college students move into their dorms!  Moving into your own place (although temporary for the school year) is a taste of freedom.  But, unless you pack smart, you’ll be calling mom or dad up in no time asking for help or that you forgot something.  As the fall semester gets closer and closer, the more crowded stores will become of students and parents trying to complete that supplies list.  So all I am going to suggest is slowly start getting the things you need now so there will be much less chaos as classes and move in approach.

I also suggest finding a really good packing list.  They are all over the internet (and pinterest!).  I know you can get one as an app on your phone but I prefer a paper copy since I am a little old fashioned.  I also like to have two copies of the list.  One to cross things off as you get them or if you already have them, the other as your checklist for when you are actually packing.  The ones I like best are on because you can find a really good one that has everything you could possibly need as well as ones you can customize yourself.



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