First Impressions: Clarisonic Mia 2


The Clarisonic brushes have been getting a lot of hype since they came out not too long ago.  I had always heard mixed reviews.  Someone had told me they made no difference so I sort of put them in the back of my mind for a while.  Then over the past year, the Mia 2 exploded in the beauty world!  After reading loads of positive reviews, I finally broke down and bought one for myself (in purple of course).

What was in the box: the brush itself, a magnetic charger, travel case, and mini cleanser

I removed my makeup with a makeup wipe then started brushing away watching in amazement at the bubbles and lather all over my face from the tingling sensation of the brush.  After the first use, my skin felt smooth and clean (it may have been placebo, the mind believes what it wants).  But I will continue to use it and continue to still love it everyday.  The woman at Ulta who sold it to me did warn that I will break out some the first week or two of use but that after my skin will be better than ever.  She also recommended I try it with the Purity made simple by Philosophy as the cleanser.  I will try that part out later, but for the sake of a first impression I used the cleanser it came it.  It cleans my skin really well but I still feel the need to use a good moisturizer after.


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