Mineral Hype


The mineral makeup hype has been going on for years!  If you ask me though, its well deserved.  Mineral makeup just feels better on your skin and for most people, actually is better.  Back in the junior high when I started wearing makeup I didn’t wear much.  Of course, as a 14 year old there wasn’t much to really worry about when it came to skin or looks.  A small smudge of eyeliner here, a swipe or two of mascara there, and a dot of concealer if I noticed a blemish.  Then I did what every young girl does, raided my mothers cosmetic drawers.  She had been using the Bareminerals Original Foundation off and on throughout the years and I decided to give it a whirl.  I added a bit of bronzer into my new makeup routine as well and proudly walked into school the next day.  I felt very glamorous to be wearing so much (when really I had barely buffed any on in the first place) makeup and also felt very much so like the woman I hoped to one day become.  It was in junior high when I fell in love with makeup and beauty.  A passionate love that has been growing every day since then.

My freshman year of high school I started to breakout some.  It slowly got a little bit worse as the school year continued.  By this point I was using a heavier liquid foundation that wasn’t necessarily the best for my skin.  So I went out and got the 30 day trial kit from Bareminerals and the 30 day trial of Proactiv.  Between the medicine in the Proactiv and the gentleness of the mineral makeup, my skin cleared up radically.  Then I made the mistake to stop using them and broke out again (like the genius that I am).  Senior year, it was back to the mineral makeup (this time Physicians Formula) and Proactiv.

So what am I saying?  I am saying that mineral makeup is totally worth the hype.  I gave my testimony as to why I love it (I’m a believer in Bareminerals and Physicians Formula).  Not only is it gentle on your skin, but it also is a beautiful application.  The powders make your skin look smooth and shine free while simultaneously giving you non-cakey coverage that’s buildable.  But if you aren’t a fan of powder foundations or mineral makeup, then let me at least refer you to the Summer Bisque Concealer.  I swear by it!  It covers virtually anything without caking or feeling heavy.  It also has SPF to boot! My favorite concealer by far.  So much so, I pretty much refuse to wear any other kind.


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