The Miracle Man

So I know this post is entirely unrelated to my back to school series but I just had to share it with you all.  When you find something great in the world you don’t hide it, you shout it with joy for the rest of the world to hear!  So what I am sharing with you guys today is the miracle product teeth whitener.

Before there are any criticisms, yes this is safe for you and your teeth when used correctly (ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING PRODUCTS LIKE THIS).  There is no bleach but hydrogen peroxide is one of the main ingredients used.  Also the price is pretty fair if i do say so myself.  Instead of paying $30->200 for an at-home whitening system, I paid $12 for the entire system!  The bottle of product is gigantic to begin with (then add the syringe and the two trays) and you got yourself an amazing deal.

The product itself: Dr George’s Dental Whitening Gel


I first heard about this when watching some of Jacyln Hills’ Youtube videos.  She has a gorgeous white smile so when she mentioned her go-to product for those pearly white, you bet I took notes.  Then I went to check out the product for myself.  Finally I took the plunge and just ordered a set for myself.  I followed the directions and started using it the day I got it.  Even after only a few days of application, I had friends and coworkers mentioning how white and pretty my smile looked.  Had I finally found an inexpensive product that actually worked?  Indeed I had.  Or at least it appears to be that way.  I have been using this for about a week or so now and there has been some major improvement.  I can’t stop smiling after every use because of how surprised I am at the results.  I now recommend this to anyone who wants to whiten up their smile without breaking bank and wasting weeks with minimal results!


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