Dorm Decor DIY

All dorms come with the same standard issue furniture, linoleum floors, and bland walls.  So, to jazz things up and make them your own, you turn to cute posters and rugs and bedding.  Well, all of that can quickly add up.  Especially if you are looking for something more specific from easy.  You can find so many super cute posters and prints from etsy that seem decently priced ($20 for that fun watercolor giraffe, yes please) but when you  have about 5 of them in your shopping cart, that 20 turns into an easy 100.  Not to mention the fact that they’re probably from different vendors meaning 5 different additional shipping costs on top of it.  So why not paint some yourself?

I recently found some old canvases in my room while rummaging through my art supplies.  So when I was scrolling through pinterest later that day, I got a brain spark!  There were so many cute and simple DIY decor ideas that I could easily recreate myself.  I picked a fun Lilly print and wrote down the colors I would need.  Then set out to my local Hobby Lobby to get paint (at 79 cents a bottle, you save a ton more buying a couple bottles of paint than you would buying on online) and got to work.


After a couple of hours I had a super cute Lilly inspired painting (I kinda chickened out about painting my monogram in the middle so I am just going to print on off online and use modpodge it on).  On the other canvas I plan to paint black and white stripes with a gold glitter “enjoy today” quote.  Both ideas complements of pinterest (my obsession).  Painting and making your own posters and paintings like this is a fun and inexpensive way to express your creativity and decorate that blah dorm room you’re moving into in 1 week (ahh, its almost here!).


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