College Countdown Day 1

Today is the official 1 week countdown until I move out!  You might have seen the college countdown videos on YouTube where people have a certain task they do each day of the countdown.  I am going to be doing that but in blog form instead of video.  So today is all about the packing lists, figuring out what I still need to get.

For the most part, Im packed.  Im an overachiever in that regard because I obsessively make lists for everything and like to get things done in advance instead of putting them off last minute.  I know that if I put off packing, I would end up forgetting something important.  Back in February, some friends and I were going on a road trip to Tennessee.  I put off packing until last minute because of the hectic week I was having.  Let’s just say, I didn’t realize I had forgotten to pack underwear until I was at school (we were leaving school early that day so thankfully my angel of a mother brought me some before we left).

I don’t think forgetting something like underwear while packing for school would be a good idea.  Thus, Im packing in advance.


Here’s a preview of the crazy organization Ive been working on recently while trying to figure out what to pack and what stays behind.  The good thing about packing now, I can leave some things behind knowing that if I get on campus and realize I need them, my parents can bring them up Parents Weekend or ship them to me (or I can just wait it out until Thanksgiving break).

Here is the list of things I still need to get (from a list off the internet):

-fabric softener


-Clorox wipes

-dish scrubber and soap

-trash bags

-paper towels


-light bulbs


-adhesive Command hooks

-mini fridge


As you can see the list isn’t really that bad, its mainly cleaning stuff.  I don’t know if I’ll actually end up getting a printer (at least maybe not for my first semester, I might ask for one for Christmas if I decide I want one later on).  So I am actually going out today to try to get the rest of these things and cross them off the list!


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