College Countdown Day 2: Thoughts

I got all caught up on the countdown posts yesterday but today I won’t overload you guys, promise!  Today is basically about my final thoughts heading into what will hopefully be four exciting new years of my life.  I guess in one word thats it, exciting.  I am so excited to finally be out on my own and meeting new people.  I am in love with my school and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.  Not only is the campus gorgeous, but the people are awesome (did I mention the beach is 1-2 hrs away and that theres an army base nearby=hot guys in uniform all over town).


I am so thankful to be calling this place home for the next four years!  I can’t wait for all that its about to bring.  If you know what school this is or go to school here (the picture, its where I am going) then hit me up and we can hang sometime!  Tomorrow is the final packing day when I try to fit everything in the car (fingers crossed).  More coming to you soon!


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